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Platinum Stones is committed to bring you superior quality, faster delivery and competitive pricing.

We make this possible with a pan India manufacturing facility through own investments and alliances spread over 15 towns and cities in north and south India covering all major stone quarrying regions.

These alliances are further enhanced with excellent relations and cooperation with major quarry owners and block dealers.

The company’s business is managed from its New Delhi office, centrally located capital of India.

Platinum Stones owned and alliance factories at different locations are equipped with different combinations of following:

  • ✥ Automatic block cutters- Multi Blade/Single Blade
  • ✥ Automatic polishing line
  • ✥ Mechanical operated polishing machine
  • ✥ Resin facility
  • ✥ Gantry crane
  • ✥ Wire saw
  • ✥ Double disk bridge saw
  • ✥ Stock yard and container loading yard
  • ✥ Sedimentation and water recycling